About Us

This is our church, Our building for public Christian worship which offers worship of God and a religious service. Our services are open to the whole world and to the public of body of Christian believers. RGM is a TRUE Gospel Christian Church, It’s a body of believers and members professing the same creed, doctrine and acknowledging the same ecclesiastical authority.

We are a Christian NON-DENOMINATIONAL origin. Our members and visitors constitute one congregation. EVERYONE is WELCOME to JOIN!

Brothers and Sisters, I constantly get asked where they should pay their tithe. Well to answer that for that question… You should support that which feeds you SPIRITUALLY. Wherever you are getting spiritually fed, wherever you are learning the Word of God, and wherever you are being blessed, that is where you owe your support.

Some also ask the question as to what the requirements are to become a member of RGM. Well we just require that you be Born Again. RGM feels that the satisfactory for the Lord, it’s certainly should be for RGM.

Of course, we believe if you are blessed in the Lord and that RGM is a blessing to you, you will give in support of that blessing. However, that’s between you and the Lord… Your seeking RGM Membership or Prayer Request please FILL-OUT the form and Submit it TODAY ! 
or Visit Praying Out Loud for all your prayer requests.

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