We offer Ordination and Studies through our Curriculum which is published through Harvestime International Institute. The cost is only $35 to apply and $15 to renew yearly in the United States and Outside the United States but you must be in Good Standing with Robert Griffus Ministries please apply according to your needs with the links at the bottom of the page.

Harvestime International Network is a non-denominational Christian organization committed to recruiting, training, motivating, and mobilizing a network of international harvesters capable of intercession for spiritual harvest, articulation and demonstration of the principles of spiritual harvest, and mobilization of laborers to reap the worldwide, end-time harvest.

The first step towards Ordination if you are new in the ministry. It is where the individual is at a level of learning Christian principles and competently putting them into practice thereby developing the new nature given by God through salvation under the guidance of an administrative overseer. (Which is the Basic Christian conduct: Romans 12:9-21)

Ministry Ordination is then the next step and is the acknowledgment and validation of the inward work of God evidenced in the outer man and demonstrated by a mature Christian who has proven themselves to be accountable, responsible, reliable, of moral integrity, honesty, honor, and a person of excellence showing forth the character of Christ. (The Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22, 23)

You MUST complete our Harvestime Institute Curriculum, upon completion we will grant you ministry licensing leading to ordination with Robert Griffus Ministries in Good Standing. Once you have totally completed the 22 Harvestime Institute courses, Exams and we have received your payment in full you’ll be mailed your certificate of completion of studies, a transcript of your studies, a Letter of Good Standing, along with your Certificate of Ordination.

What we offer:

Ministerial Credentials – Proof of Clergy Status

Spiritual Covering – Apostolic / Sense of Belonging



Fellowship / Networking – Opportunities to meet others of like faith / relationships

Mentoring / Counseling – As Requested



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