Clients Rights

You Have the Right:

  • to ask questions at any time.
  • to be informed about the therapist’s areas of specializations or limitations.
  • to ask questions about issues relevant to your therapy.
  • to ask questions about written materials regarding your treatment.
  • to negotiate therapeutic goals and to renegotiate when necessary.
  • to be informed regarding fees for therapy and method of payment.
  • to refuse a specific intervention or treatment strategy.
  • to discuss aspects of your therapy with others outside the therapy situation, including consulting with another therapist.
  • to request the therapist to send a written report regarding services rendered to a qualified therapist or organization on your written authorization.
  • to terminate therapy at any time.
Confidentiality is maintained for all clients except in the following cases:

  • If child abuse is either reported or suspected.
  • When the child is a minor, the parents/guardians are entitled to know the condition, diagnosis, and progress of therapy.
  • If the client poses a “clear and imminent danger” to either themselves or someone else including family members, police, or the threatened party.
  • If the client is or becomes a “vulnerable adult”.
  • If the client releases information with written authorization.
  • If a court subpoenas your records.
  • When the consultation or supervision with another therapist is desired in order to provide the best possible therapy. Such discussions will, of course, remain private within the consultation or supervisory relationship.

To prevent potential breaches of confidentiality, encrypted email technology and secure/encrypted chat rooms are available for our use. If you are concerned that someone who has access to your computer will find out that you’ve have been participating in online counseling, you can delete the cache of your browser. Free firewall software is also available on the internet. It is not wise to email from your place of employment.

In spite of any of these security measures, absolute confidentiality cannot be ensured. I will do my best to maintain my computer files and hard copy files of our correspondence with utmost security measures in place. The future promises embedded encryption along with spread-spectrum wireless transmission that will offer even better security.

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